2017 ABET Symposium Focus Areas


Learn what it takes to engage faculty, prepare for the on-site visit, and build solid accreditation processes from peers that have done it.
Our accreditation focus area covers every dimension of the process with insights from small colleges to major research institutions and programs across the globe.

Best Practices in Program Assessment

These sessions will introduce you to best practices in program assessment that you can immediately take home and build into your program.
A well-conceived and implemented assessment plan is necessary to inform educators about areas for continuous improvement and opportunities for innovation. Beyond serving as a means for accountability, program assessment enables faculty to use the resulting information to document, explain, and improve students’ educational experience and better prepare them for the global workforce.

Citizen Tech: Technical Programs Reshaping Society

In 2015, the United Nations released 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), a broad series of objectives aimed at having a universal impact on relevant issues such as poverty, climate change and education by 2030. At the 2017 Symposium, we are challenging ABET-accredited programs to consider how the education they provide students can play a part in bringing an end to the greatest problems facing the global community.

In this focus area, you will gain insight on how to effectively address SDGs within your program.

Building and Mentoring for Institutional and Program Leadership

On days when strategic planning should be on the calendar, do you find yourself reacting to events and immediate pressures? This focus area will center on issues that will help field, develop and implement conscious strategies for your institutional programs.
In higher education, leadership is fluid, changeable and challenging. Deans, associate deans and department chairs steer an ever-expanding set of stakeholders in complex environments that require strategy and vision. Multiple objectives and immediate pressures require special attention and unique resolutions.

Guide Your Symposium Experience with One of Four Main Focus Areas