Boiled Frog or Adapt? Tackling Changes in Higher Education

Society’s expectations of higher education are undergoing rapid and profound change. Increasingly, the value of a college education is being challenged. Prospective students are looking at alternatives to a four-year degree, including such options as boot camps and certificates. Employers are also looking at these alternatives as ways to maintain a workforce with up-to-date, job-relevant skills. Higher ed’s credibility and relevance is at serious risk. Does your program know how to adapt and institute meaningful change? While there has been some response by academe, the authors’ experiences are that program leaders and faculty are generally ill-equipped to understand how to recognize the need for change and then institute it. Together, the authors have over 70 years’ experience in helping organizations to institute change. In this session we share some of our experience by presenting models of change management and practical methods and tips for managing change.