Graduate Readiness to Meet Industry Needs for Building a Resilient World

The ABET Industrial Advisory Council (IAC) provides ABET leadership with the perspectives of major employers on accreditation policy issues, works with company leaders to develop channels for Program Evaluator recruitment from industry and acts as an advocate for the meaning and value of ABET accreditation to major technical employers and other key ABET stakeholders — much as external advisory boards or industrial advisory boards (EABs or IABs) play a similar role for accredited programs. Members of the ABET IAC will provide perspectives on how graduates can be better prepared to achieve personal resilience as well as lead companies to be resilient in a rapidly changing and uncertain world. As a key part of the UN Sustainable Development goals, the session will focus on how quality education and gender equality can provide necessary long-term improvements in business and societal residence. Perspectives for programs on engaging IABs/EABs will also be provided.