Infusing Diversity, Equity and Inclusion into Engineering Curricula and Culture

In October 2022, Penn State hosted a summit for Big 10+ institutions and others with strong engineering programs. The purpose was to prepare for the upcoming changes to ABET criteria relating to diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). Teams of individuals from each institution came together to develop plans for responding to the ABET changes. This panel will provide an overview of the Big10++ Summit and share key takeaways from several participants. Clemson University and UC Berkeley will each share strategies for faculty development, including approaches for inclusion of DEI into annual evaluation, promotion, tenure, merit raise, and other evaluative processes for meeting the ABET criteria. UC Berkeley will also describe a new certificate, Empowering Engineers for Positive Change (EMPOWER). UW Madison will share strategies more effective teaching and assessment of both the teamwork and ethics outcomes through use of cases infused with identity/DEI challenges.