IAC Panel Discussion: Why Industry Cares About Accreditation

What is the role of employers in the accreditation process, both for long-term success of graduates as they start their careers but also for the long-term success of accredited programs? How can industry and academia partner to address areas of interest (such as data science and analytics) that are in critical demand? The Industry Advisory… Read more »

Barriers to Implementing IDE in the Workplace: Raising Awareness of Educators and Students

Panelists will discuss existing, as well as emerging, issues that are, or may become, barriers to the implementation of inclusion, diversity and equity in the workplace environment. For example, organizational structure inertia can obstruct implementation of policies intended to encourage IDE. Panelists will also discuss approaches to raise awareness of such challenges in preparing students… Read more »

Ask Me Anything: Accreditation Discussion Den

In our Ask Me Anything (#AMA): Accreditation Discussion Den, attendees are invited to ask any and all accreditation-related questions and our experts will answer them. ABET Chief Accreditation Officer Joe Sussman and Senior Director of Accreditation Operations Jane Emmet will lead the conversation. Each Discussion Den brings ABET thought leaders together with Symposium attendees for… Read more »

Developing Performance Indicators for Program Assessment

Performance indicators are a critically important educational tool for programs, both in setting course objectives and to help students understand expectations of their learning by the time they complete the program. As such, performance indicators should be developed through a consensus among the faculty and once assessed, the results should be reviewed to determine what… Read more »

Using Canvas Outcomes to Facilitate Data Collection of Performance Indicators

One of the struggles of an assessment coordinator is consistently collecting data from instructors. If your institution uses the Canvas learning management system, you can leverage grading rubrics to get direct assessment of performance indicators with no additional steps on the part of faculty. During this session, you will learn how to: Translate existing performance… Read more »

How to Prepare for Your ABET Review

A team of evaluators visits the program facility where they verify the information in the Self-Study Report and conduct interviews with students, faculty members, administrators, and advisory board members. A draft statement is then written based on the team’s experience on this visit. A visit is one of the most important events throughout the accreditation… Read more »

Accreditation Outside the U.S. – Lessons From Visiting Teams

This presentation is for institutions outside the United States and details some do’s and don’ts in hosting visiting ABET accreditation teams. To assure a quality and an effective visit, accreditation teams comply with the conflict of interest policy, the Accreditation Policy and Procedure Manual, and related guidelines and best practices. This visit framework and cultural… Read more »

Criterion 4 Compliance: A Conversation with Programs and Program Evaluators

What are “appropriate, documented” processes? How many data are “enough”? Why can averaging be ineffective? All Symposium attendees, especially those who are either institutional representatives or ABET Program Evaluators, are cordially invited to join members of ABET’s Accreditation Council Training Committee in a conversation addressing some of the questions and misconceptions that arise regarding Criterion… Read more »