Closing Keynote

The 2021 ABET Symposium closing keynote panel will feature Ph.D. candidates from the Center for Systems Science and Engineering (CSSE) at Johns Hopkins University. Ensheng Dong is a Ph.D. candidate and Louis M. Brown Engineering Fellow of the Department of Civil and Systems Engineering (CaSE) and CSSE, and Hongru Du is a second-year Ph.D. student… Read more »

Top 10 Tips for Writing Good Self-Study Reports

A program’s Self-Study Report (SSR) provides the accreditation team chair and evaluator their first impression of the program they are reviewing, as well as critical information for the review. Thus, a clear and complete SSR helps ensure a successful review process. To provide a favorable picture of your program, information must be aligned with the… Read more »

Engaging Faculty in Program Assessment

Sustainable program assessment and continuous quality improvement is a human process. Faculty are critical for success as they define student outcomes, assess student learning, evaluate data, design and implement changes, and assess impact. Unfortunately, many programs struggle to maintain sustainable assessment processes because faculty are not involved consistently or systematically. This is hardly surprising as… Read more »

Strategies for Encouraging the Retention of Women in Engineering

The need for diversity in engineering is more than just about equity and fairness; it is also about recognizing the value of diverse thoughts and how they can spur creative and innovative solutions for a complex and ever-changing world. This is also the motivation for ABET student outcome 5: “an ability to function effectively on… Read more »