Getting Started with Program Assessment

Are you new to program assessment? Have you volunteered or been assigned the task of leading your program assessment efforts and you need assistance on how to move forward? In this session, the speakers share experiences related to getting started and sustaining program assessment and program continuous improvement processes. The speakers will use a continuous… Read more »

Leveraging Best Assessment Practices for Accreditation Review

ABET criteria imply some manner of continuous activities in all the general criteria from students to institutional support. While some of these processes are institutionally and automatically continuous in any academic setting, demonstration of compliance around the Accreditation Policy and Procedure Manual, Criterion 2 (Program Educational Objectives), Criterion 4 (Continuous Improvement), and, by association, Criterion… Read more »

EAC: Tips for Meeting the EAC ABET Criteria

This session will discuss commonly identified shortcomings and how to avoid them when seeking ABET accreditation for an EAC program. In addition, common criteria terminology will be defined and explained to better understand requirements. The presentation will also discuss statistics on shortcoming findings.

Engineering for One Planet: Helping Engineering Educators Meet ABET Sustainability Criteria

Engineering for One Planet (EOP) is an initiative to transform engineering education to reflect the growing importance of sustainability in all engineering functions. Catalyzed by The Lemelson Foundation and VentureWell — in collaboration with hundreds of sustainability advocates across sectors, geographies, and lived experiences — EOP seeks to ensure all future engineers across all disciplines… Read more »

Creating Computing Assignments to Support Diverse Populations

Although computing curriculum contains primarily technical content, faculty can teach impressionable young minds to value diversity. It can be integrated into the curriculum by creating a diverse backdrop for programming problems and assignments. In 2010, five faculty members at Slippery Rock University (SRU) participated in a Frederick Douglas Collaborative Grant to create a sample set… Read more »

Engineering Change Lab (ECL) USA: Challenges of the 21st Century and Engineering Leadership

The world is experiencing a wave of change accelerated by technological progress, evolving societal needs and expectations, and growing environmental imperatives. To help society successfully confront these challenges and flourish as this future unfolds, the engineering community must dramatically adapt. We must step up our contributions as stewards of technology, the natural and built environments,… Read more »

ETAC: Common Challenges and Findings

This presentation is designed for representatives from ETAC accredited programs or those interested in seeking ETAC accreditation. In either case, the session will help programs proactively prepare for future accreditation reviews. Two senior members of the ETAC leadership group provide general information related to common challenges and the high frequency of findings. Examples of common… Read more »

Effective Teamwork Assessment in Online Courses

With the convenience of online courses, many students are opting for online alternatives to traditional onsite courses. Universities have responded and have provided courses in a variety of formats to meet student needs. Moving courses online, however, posts a challenge to teamwork assessment that is usually done in a synchronous in-person fashion. Teamwork in university… Read more »

ABET Recognition of Certificates – Piloting and Beyond

Changes in education are rapidly evolving to meet learner and employer needs. Combinations of traditional degrees, certificates, and other professional development credentials are being sought by today’s learners. Employers welcome this trend to maintain a workforce with up-to-date skills. However, employers are challenged to be confident about what learning outcomes have been achieved in the… Read more »