Tips for Writing Good Self-Study Reports: Do’s and Don’ts

Executive committee members from each commission will discuss the various elements of Self-Study Reports (SSRs), important content areas, and frequently asked questions about the preparation and review processes for the SSRs. The discussion will also include recommendations for the SSR format and content from the lens of the reviewer.

Designing an Efficient Assessment Process to Meet Multiple Accreditors’ Standards

Driven by need to comply with multiple accreditors’ standards, schools often proliferate complicated inefficient assessment processes by addressing each accreditor’s requirements separately rather than developing a focused efficient measurement process that centers on core program learning objectives. This challenge arises because responsibility for disciplinary and institutional accreditations resides at different levels in the organization. It… Read more »

Accelerating the Development of Program Assessment Processes with AI

This presentation demonstrates the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in developing assessment processes for academic programs. AI offers the potential to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of assessment processes. Through this session, we will discuss the practical applications of AI, including analysis, real- the development of performance indicators and scoring rubrics. Additionally, we will discuss… Read more »

Providing Culmination of Knowledge Through the Senior Project and Assessment of Student Achievement

The Industrial and Systems Engineering students complete a senior project to demonstrate the application of the program knowledge obtained in their curriculum. For all projects, the students should understand complexity of the problem, have systematic structural understanding of the designed solution and apply the engineering design process to address constraints on design, economics, ergonomics and… Read more »

Scenarios for 2033 and the Role of the Engineering Community

Engineering Change Lab – USA (ECL), is a social change lab that seeks to be a catalyst for change within the engineering community. ECL serves as a connector and convener, complementing the work of other engineering organizations. The 2023 ECL Engineering Ideas Institute featured a deep dive into the future of engineering using scenario planning.… Read more »

Organizing Effective Display Materials for ABET Criterion 4: Continuous Improvement

ABET Criterion 4 focuses on continuous improvement and serves to guide educational institutions toward greater efficacy and quality. This session seeks to empower educators, administrators and evaluators to navigate Criterion 4 with a focus on developing effective display materials that support the assessment and evaluation processes and drive meaningful change. We will first explore the… Read more »

Generative AI for KY Engineering Technology and How to Assess

Large-scale manufacturing has been located in Kentucky, with 4,276 manufacturers employing 289,822 workers. Community and technical colleges and universities in KY have faced challenges recruiting students to their programs in advanced manufacturing. New computer and lean systems engineering technology programs launched at the University of Kentucky, merging training and recruiting from 2-year technical colleges and… Read more »

Maximizing the Benefits of Rubrics in Program Assessment

Many programs utilize rubrics in their assessment processes. However, not all rubrics are equally clear or useful for every purpose. This session will explore the development and use of rubrics to efficiently engage faculty, aid in selecting the best type of rubric for a given purpose and best inform meaningful improvement. Topics to be explored… Read more »

Industry Advisory Council – Artificial Intelligence Panel Session

Artificial Intelligence technology is impacting many aspects of our lives. It is already changing education, healthcare, finance, and numerous other businesses. This panel will address three key areas: 1.) What does AI mean to industry; how are different companies currently using AI and where do they plan to go next? 2.) What are industry’s needs;… Read more »