Focus Areas

Guide Your Symposium Experience with One of Three Session Tracks


This focus area will cover an array of topics focusing on ABET accreditation, from recent criteria changes to preparing for your site visit. Sessions will apply to a range of experience levels, from the novice learning about ABET processes for the first time to veterans of accreditation looking to fine-tune their approach. Presenters will share their experiences incorporating best practices into their programs and share valuable insights learned from years of experience.


Program assessment can seem like a daunting task, but our leaders will put you on the path to success. Sessions in the assessment track will cover several of the more complex areas, such as student outcomes and continuous improvement, as well as methods to create an effective and sustainable assessment process. Learn how to make assessment work for you, maximizing your students’ educational journey.

Data Impact

Sessions on our 2020 theme, Data Impact, will explore the expanding influence that data has across the STEM fields and how it is reshaping the educational model and student experience. Thought leaders across various disciplines will provide insights on data science and its expanding role in creating a safe, secure and sustainable future.