Data Impact

The 2020 ABET Symposium

What to Expect

Immersive Digital Experience

Take advantage of the unique opportunities and unexpected discoveries our new virtual format has to offer. Each registration includes one-year access to content, so you’ll be able to learn at your own pace and watch any sessions you missed!

Inspiring Plenaries

Experts from academia, industry and government come together to discuss the leading challenges we face today.

Informative Sessions

Our illuminating sessions cover foundational topics (accreditation and assessment) as well as emerging data science trends in our themed focus area, Data Impact.

Networking Opportunities

Make real connections and share valuable insights with peers.

2021 Speakers

  • Jenna Carpenter

    Founding Dean and Professor, School of Engineering, Campbell University

    Dr. Jenna Carpenter is Founding Dean and Professor of Engineering at Campbell University and President of the American Society for Engineering Education (ASEE). An expert on issues impacting success of women in STEM and innovative STEM curricula, she has held national leadership roles including ASEE Vice President, WEPAN (Women in Engineering ProActive Network) President and Mathematical Association of America First Vice-President. In addition, she chaired the National Academies Ad Hoc Committee on the Gulf Scholars Program. Carpenter is co-recipient of the 2022 Bernard M. Gordon Prize for Innovation in Engineering and Techology Education from the National Academy of Engineering, recognizing her contributions as one of the pioneers of the Grand Challenges Scholars Program. Carpenter is an ABET Program Evaluator and on the Executive Committee of the Global Engineering Deans Council. In 2015, DreamBox Learning selected her as one of 10 Women in STEM Who Rock! for her advocacy and TEDx talk, “Engineering: Where are the Girls and Why aren’t They Here?”, the only academic on a list of CEOs, politicians, and actresses. She received the 2019 ASEE Sharon Keillor Award for Women in Engineering Education, as well as the 2018 WEPAN Founder’s Award and 2013 WEPAN Distinguished Service Award.

The networking possibilities at the Symposium are huge. We have many experts from the technical areas, academia, NGOs and industry. There are a lot of connections to make at the event!
I’ve never been to any professional event that is so on-point, and still a really good time!
You’re engaging all these different parts of your brain — I leave with big takeaways but I also leave with a dozen little takeaways.
The thing that’s in largest demand right now is cybersecurity. The skills are essential and part of getting the skills is an agreed accreditation process. So in my view, ABET is absolutely essential to the security of the nation.
I was impressed the first time I attended the Symposium with the amount of very clear, deliberate education. I keep coming back because people are always so open to help provide the information we need to take back to our programs and implement the type of changes that ABET is about.
You never know what you might find, but even if you’re an old-timer, you’ll always learn something new here!
I’m encouraged that we really are making some positive changes to the STEM profession by the dialogue taking place here at the Symposium.