Cybersecurity and Engineering… Partners in Industry

Dallas E

Demand for cybersecurity jobs is estimated to exceed 1 million unfilled positions worldwide, and among the most sought after in the field are cybersecurity engineers. Cybersecurity engineers design secure network solutions to protect against advanced persistent threats, and they develop and engineer secure systems, perform assessments and penetration testing, and manage security technology and audit/intrusion systems. Cybersecurity can no longer be an afterthought in an engineering curriculum; it must be an integrated component throughout the engineering curriculum. And yet, there are few standalone Cybersecurity Engineering undergraduate degree programs currently in existence. This panel consists of academic leaders of existing Cybersecurity Engineering programs as well as industry experts who represent sectors with high demand for such professionals. Panelists will discuss (a) how cybersecurity engineering differs from other engineering disciplines, (b) what knowledge, skills, and abilities are most needed, and (c) how the new Cybersecurity Engineering ABET criteria can be used to help guide quality program development in this area.