Data Impact in 2020

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Data Science is an interdisciplinary subject exploiting and researching methods and tools from statistics, multiple application domains, and computer science to process data, structured or unstructured, in order to gain meaningful insights, knowledge and predictive analytics. Today, one can almost guarantee every scientist and engineer will consistently come into contact with data, no matter the professional focus. Data will, or should, always drive their decisions. With this understanding, the ABET Academic Advisory Council (AAC) approached several Research Institutions that have made significant commitments to the field of data science and asked them to share why and how they are proceeding. Vanderbilt recently created a Data Science Institute to focus on research and education in the discipline. Work is ongoing at Georgia Institute of Technology’s College of Computing and School of Computational Science and Engineering. George Mason University has developed an M.S. degree program in data analytics engineering to prepare future professionals. Join us to learn from representatives of these institutions about their individual successful strategies.

Data Impact