The Response—Equipping the Next Generation

Dallas FGH

After defining the threat in Day 1, we’ll continue the discussion by investigating methods to stay ahead of our adversaries. How can we work together to create globally secure networks? What can be done to mitigate breaches of enterprise data? What steps can be taken to fill the overwhelming need for cybersecurity professionals? This panel will consider these questions while addressing how ABET and its institutional partners can help ensure the next generation of graduates are equipped with the knowledge and skills required to combat these threats effectively.

Former NSA Deputy Director Chris Inglis returns to moderate this robust panel. The discussion will provide diverse perspectives from the student (Zac Dannelly, U.S. Naval Academy and Andrew Meserole, Texas A&M), the educator (Ambareen Siraj, Tennessee Tech), industry (Matt Tegerdine, Verizon’s Director of Network Performance Analytics) and ABET (2015-2016 ABET President and and former Manager of the Software Engineering Institute at Carnegie Mellon, Lawrence Jones).