Designing Effective Online Display Materials to Support ABET Evaluation

Germantown 1

Online display materials must meet requirements in the ABET Policy and Procedure Manual, must support accreditation criteria, and must be easily assessable by evaluators. In addition, online materials should be available well before the visit, whether onsite, hybrid, or virtual. Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University’s Worldwide Campus (ERAU/WW) recently concluded a successful site visit based largely on an innovative arrangement of information available in the data rich learning management system.  This session will describe methods for designing and organizing online display materials to satisfy myriad requirements and satisfy the needs of persons involved in the evaluation.  Discussion topics will begin with a brief description of the unique aspects of the ERAU/WW Campus and then proceed to a detailed description of the student assessment data that was electronically organized and made available to the evaluation team.  There will be a live demonstration of the display materials online. While the assessed ERAU/WW programs were online, this arrangement will work well for all institutions regardless of modality, allowing programs to provide a flexible and efficient assessment structure to the evaluation team and rapid responses to questions based on the readily available data.