Implementing ETAC General and Program Criteria Revisions in 2019-2020

Dallas A

Implementing a positive and sustainable culture of safety is critical to ensure a safe and positive learning environment for students, faculty and staff and is a component of enabling innovation in research and learning. Ensuring a safe environment of learning is also embedded in the requirements for accreditation. The College of Engineering at Iowa State University offers 12 ABET-accredited undergraduate programs with an enrollment of 9500 students in Fall 2018. In Spring 2016 the college embarked on a comprehensive effort to inculcate a culture of safety in collaboration with our office of Environmental Health and Safety. This effort was cited as an institutional strength in our recent accreditation visit. In this workshop, we will highlight the efforts undertaken to identify gaps in safety-related efforts in our enterprise, outline the steps taken to establish a vision and operationalization of that vision and present 3 case studies of achieving positive solutions across the college and campus. These include the creation of a safety commitment document for the college of engineering and processes for ensuring safety for student organizations and in teaching spaces. At the end of the session, participants will be able to 1) identify elements of an implementation process related to safety that institutions that they can adapt for use and; 2) recognize the benefits of collaborative efforts in changing the culture towards ensuring safety in an organization.