What’s Life Really Like for a New PEV?

Dallas B

This talk is designed for a prospective PEV who is interested in having as much information as possible on what the job really entails. The presentation will cover the details of an ABET visit from the perspective of a PEV, from the initial assignment to the campus visit and return home. Topics include communication with the rest of the team, tips for reviewing the materials prepared by the program and communicating with the program before the visit, required documentation, making travel arrangements, and what happens after arrival on campus. The importance of the team as the decision-making body, and the support that the more experienced team members will provide are a focus of this talk. The talk will be mainly a PowerPoint presentation with handouts and time for Q&A. Examples from the speaker’s experience will be scrubbed of all information that might identify a program or institution. The target audience is anyone who is considering volunteering as a PEV and may include members of any of the groups available for selection on the “Target Audience” portion of this form.