A. Joseph Turner, Jr.

Dr. Joe Turner is Professor Emeritus of Computer Science at Clemson University, and former a faculty member and dean at Zayed University in Dubai/Abu Dhabi. Turner has been a Lead Facilitator for ABET program evaluator training for more than 10 years. His previous service includes Chair of the Seoul Accord, ABET CAC Executive Committee member,… Read more »

Alex Pagano

Alex Pagano is a Ph.D. Candidate in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Illinois as well as an SCD Scholar with the Siebel Center for Design. He earned his undergraduate degree in Materials Science and Engineering at the University of Arizona and master’s degree in Mechanical Science and Engineering from the University of Illinois. Pagano’s… Read more »

Gina Cooper

Dr. Gina Cooper has been teaching at DeVry University since June 1999. She received her undergraduate degree from Ohio State University in Mechanical Engineering, Master’s Degree from Ohio State University in Industrial Engineering and Ph.D. from Wright State University in Computer Science and Engineering with specializations of database, math and bioinformatics. She has presented her… Read more »

Jingdi Zeng

Dr. Jingdi “Rebecca” Zeng received her Ph. D. in Electrical & Computer Engineering from New Jersey Institute of Technology. She joined DeVry University after working as a research and development scientist in different institutions. As the faculty chair of Colleges and Curriculum, her main responsibility is the curriculum development and assessment of the Information Technology… Read more »

Cindy Cooper

Cindy Cooper leads The Lemelson Foundation’s Engineering for One Planet initiative, an effort to equip tomorrow’s engineers with the skills, knowledge and understanding to protect and improve our planet and our lives. For more than 20 years, Cooper has fostered social and environmental impact through innovation, working across academic, philanthropic, business and entrepreneurship fields. She… Read more »

Cindy Anderson

Cindy Anderson (she/her/hers) is the founder and CEO of Alula Consulting and Consultant, Engineering for One Planet, The Lemelson Foundation. Anderson specializes in innovative sustainability- and online-focused research and curriculum projects for academic institutions, non-profits, government, and corporations. She has taught thousands of people through courses and workshops, around the world and online, in the… Read more »

Jean Blair

Jean R. S. Blair is the EECS Distinguished Professor for Innovation and a Professor of Computer Science at the United States Military Academy where she previously held positions as deputy to the Chief Academic Officer, director of the Computer Science Program and director of the Information Systems Engineering Program. She spent several sabbatical years at… Read more »

Dustyn Roberts

Dustyn Roberts (she/her/hers) is a Practice Associate Professor at the University of Pennsylvania, a consultant through dustynrobots, LLC, and an ABET Program Evaluator. She is passionate about engineering education, evidence-based teaching, and creating opportunities for student success in and out of the classroom. Roberts teaches classes that range from first-year courses in engineering graphics and… Read more »

Chris Taylor

Chris Taylor is Professor and Vice Chair of the Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Department at the Milwaukee School of Engineering. He received a Ph.D. in electrical engineering from Purdue University in 1998. Taylor is a member of the CSAB board and the CSAB liaison to the IEEE CEAA. He has served as a EAC… Read more »

Jessica Silwick

Jessica Silwick is both CFO and COO for ABET. As CFO, she is responsible for developing ABET’s financial management strategy, budget development, forecasting and the integrity of the financial information. Silwick is also responsible for monitoring investments of strategic reserves. As COO, Silwick oversees communications and marketing, professional assessment offerings, office operations, overall management of… Read more »