Andrea Karcher

Andrea Karcher

Sr. Manager Data Analytics, Insights, & Enablement, Verizon

Andrea Karcher has built a team of data scientists at Verizon, supporting the Global Network and Technology organization. Through her leadership, this team is transforming the business with purpose-driven data analytics, insights, visualization and machine learning models for customer experience, network reliability, revenue growth and process efficiencies. Her team cultivates relationships with business partners and domain experts to understand and translate complex network use cases into feasible and actionable solutions.

Prior to this role, Karcher held several engineering positions at Verizon, primarily focusing on leading teams for network/data center builds, along with the subsequent capacity management, forecasting, and growth across various voice, data and content streaming networks. Karcher holds a B.S. in Visual Communications and an MBA with a concentration in Technology Management.

Workforce Challenges in Data Science and Analytics

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Everyone has heard of Big Data and wants to use it to make their business better — more efficient, more enlightened, more cool. Talent management in this new data arena — finding, training, sharpening, re-tooling — presents huge challenges to effective implementation. Simply defining the roles and integrating data scientists effectively with the larger enterprise […]

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