Andrew Meserole

Andrew Meserole

M.E. Engineering with a Specialization in Cybersecurity, Texas A&M University

Andrew Meserole is currently pursuing his master of science in engineering with a specialization in cybersecurity at Texas A&M University. He also earned his undergraduate degree at Texas A&M, graduating with a bachelor’s of science in computer engineering and a minor in cybersecurity. Andrew has been involved with both the Cybersecurity Club and TAMUctf. As captain of the Cybersecurity Club, he led the competitive team to place high in several CTF competitions. For TAMUctf, a yearly cybersecurity competition run out of Texas A&M, Andrew is currently the development team lead. Andrew will graduate in May with his master’s and will transition into a cybersecurity role in the federal government soon after.

The Response—Equipping the Next Generation

Dallas FGH

After defining the threat in Day 1, we’ll continue the discussion by investigating methods to stay ahead of our adversaries. How can we work together to create globally secure networks? What can be done to mitigate breaches of enterprise data? What steps can be taken to fill the overwhelming need for cybersecurity professionals? This panel will […]