Christina Haden

Christina Haden

Professor of Practice Mechanical Engineering & Mechanics, Lehigh University

Dr. Christina Viau Haden is a Professor of Practice in Mechanical Engineering at Lehigh University. Her research involves the probabilistic analysis and material property prediction of additively manufactured metals. Besides her research, and in addition to a passion for teaching, she is interested in improving retention rates for women in STEM. She runs a yearly three-day welcome event for incoming engineering freshwomen at Lehigh University, offers a hierarchical mentoring program for women in her department and advises the Women in Science and Engineering (WiSE) local chapter, among others.

Strategies for Encouraging the Retention of Women in Engineering

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The need for diversity in engineering is more than just about equity and fairness; it is also about recognizing the value of diverse thoughts and how they can spur creative and innovative solutions for a complex and ever-changing world. This is also the motivation for ABET student outcome 5: “an ability to function effectively on […]