Eileen Webb

Eileen Webb

President, Accreditation Preparation

Eileen Webb is President of Accreditation Preparation, LLC, which helps programs prepare for ABET accreditation and has worked with over 100 programs at 30 institutions in the U.S., Latin America, the Middle East and Europe. She was the keynote speaker at 1 Simposio de Buenas Prácticas de Assessment en Ingenería in Barranquilla, as well as an invited speaker or workshop leader at LACCEI, ABET Symposium and WEEF World Engineering Education Forum.

She has over 25 years of experience in industrial engineering, process improvement, training and project management at companies including Procter & Gamble, Weyerhaeuser, Texas Instruments and Nortel.

From the Dean’s Perspective

Germantown 3

The dean’s sponsorship is critical to the success of accreditation. In this session, deans from three different universities will discuss: – Why did we choose ABET accreditation? – What did we do to sponsor and get and provide support for the initiative? – What does it take to keep it going? – What advice would […]