Galen Turner

Galen Turner

Founding Program Chair for Cyberspace Science & Engineering, Louisiana Tech University

Galen E. Turner III was the Founding Program Chair for Cyberspace Science & Engineering at Louisiana Tech. He led the development of the Ph.D. in Engineering (Cyberspace) in 2008 and facilitated the creation and establishment of the BS in CYEN at Louisiana Tech (approved in 2011). He currently serves as Academic Director for Computer Science, Cyber Engineering and Electrical Engineering. He holds the Maxfield Professorship in Mathematics & Statistics and conducts research in graph theory, matroid theory, and foundations of cryptography. He received his BS from Loyola University (New Orleans) with majors in Mathematics and Religious Studies in 1992, followed by his MS (1994) and Ph.D. (1999) in Mathematics from LSU.

Cyber Engineering: Looking Beyond the Horizon

Dallas E

Cyber engineering is an emerging discipline at the intersection of mathematics, computer science and electrical engineering. Fundamentally addressing the need for a more secure cyberspace, the degree aims to produce bachelors-level engineers who ask and engineer through the hard questions about securability across built systems which interact both in physical space and across cyberspace. In […]