Ivan Cabezas

Ivan Cabezas

Professor of Software Systems, Universidad de San Buenaventura

Ivan Cabezas received his bachelor’s in computer science and doctorate in engineering from Universidad del Valle. He is a member of IEEE and ASEE, and an IDEAL Scholar. Engineering education and sustainability concerns during the software engineering design process are among his research interests. He is a full-time professor in the software systems engineering program at the engineering school of the Universidad de San Buenaventura-Cali, in Colombia. He has been the assessment coordinator for his engineering school since 2016 and led the official ABET visits for its four engineering undergraduate programs in October 2018.

Addressing Sustainability in a Software Engineering Capstone Design

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Sustainability is often defined in ambiguous ways or framed narrowly as environmental or business concerns. However, sustainability is complex and student projects, as well as student outcomes measurements, should reflect this complexity. The Karlskrona Manifesto for sustainability design applies to all engineering disciplines and includes social, individual, environmental, economic, technical dimensions, and considers short, medium […]