Jessica Oswalt

Jessica Oswalt

Associate Dean, Tennessee Technological University

Dr. Jessica Oswalt is Associate Dean for Academic Affairs in the College of Engineering at Tennessee Technological University. In this capacity, she supports all accreditation and program reviews for the college. Her teaching and research interests include process improvement, engineering management and engineering education.

Dr. Oswalt has participated in more than 20 accreditation reviews through her service as an ABET Program Evaluator, a member of the Engineering Accreditation Commission or an institutional representative. She has also consulted with engineering programs on accreditation issues and helped to lead a program through initial accreditation. She currently serves on the ABET Board of Delegates.

Collaborative Rubric Creation for Student Outcome X

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The ABET commissions have each fashioned their own criteria specific to their member societies. Still, all ABET commissions have the same fundamental goal: define a framework around which programs can be assessed, evaluated and continuously improved. Many institutions have programs under more than one commission, and these programs often struggle to interact and share knowledge […]