John Ochs

John Ochs

Co-founder and Director, Master's of Engineering in Technical Entrepreneurship, Lehigh University

John Ochs is the co-founder and director of Lehigh University’s Master’s of Engineering in Technical Entrepreneurship (TE). He joined the Lehigh faculty in 1979, was promoted to associate professor in 1983 and to full professor in 1990. In 1980, he founded Lehigh’s Computer-Aided Design Labs and was lab director until 2001. From 1996 to the present, he has directed the university’s integrated product development (IPD) capstone design program which won the ASME Curriculum Innovation award in 1996. The IPD and TE program brings together students from any background or degree to work in multidisciplinary teams on industry-sponsored product development projects and student-led startups. In 2014, the Technical Entrepreneurship program won the first place award for “Excellence in Talent Development” by the University Economic Development Associations (UEDA). In June 2014, the editors of the Journal of Engineering Entrepreneurship awarded Professor Ochs the Engineering Entrepreneurship Pioneer award. He is a fellow of the ASEE and will become professor emeritus June 1, 2019.

Assessing ABET Student Outcomes While Infusing the Entrepreneurial Mindset

Dallas C

With the implementation of ABET Student Outcomes 1-7, programs will be looking for ways to incorporate the new requirements. KEEN (Kern Entrepreneurial Engineering Network) has available modules with associated assessment instruments that address several of the new design, project management, and communication requirements. Attendees will be introduced to the modules, and possibilities for using the […]