Karen Tarnoff

Karen Tarnoff

Associate Dean for Assurance of Learning and Assessment, College of Business and Technology, East Tennessee State University

Karen is the Associate Dean for Assurance of Learning, Assessment and International Programs for the College of Business and Technology at East Tennessee State University. In this capacity, she coordinates the assessment of student learning outcomes across seven diverse departments (i.e., Accountancy; Economics and Finance; Management and Marketing; Computing; Military Science; and Engineering, Engineering Technology, and Surveying; and Digital Media) and multiple accrediting bodies (i.e., SACS, AACSB, ABET, NASAD, CIDA). Karen is a facilitator for the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business has authored materials for its Assurance of Learning I and II Seminars. She has published and given multiple presentations on assessment-related topics and, likewise, has helped many schools develop, implement, and refine their assessment systems.

Simplifying Your Assessment Process to Improve Its Efficiency and Effectiveness

Dallas C

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