Luz Helena Mancera Mendez

Luz Helena Mancera Mendez

Industrial Engineering Program Director, Universidad de La Sabana

Luz Helena Mancera is an industrial engineer with a master’s degree in process design and management, with experience in management process and strategic planning. She has also worked in the development of methodologies for creating local innovation systems in the agricultural sector of Colombia. She is currently the Industrial Engineering Program Director at Universidad de La Sabana, where her main responsibilities lie with curriculum quality assurance and accreditation for national and international processes. She has been a professor in operations research, operations management and logistics at the industrial engineering program since 2008.

Our 1, 2, 3 and Why We Think It Works!

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At the Universidad de La Sabana, one of the main components in the continuous improvement cycle has been the assessment stages. We have had many debates on what constitutes a reliable, efficient representative assessment plan. Every single ABET experienced program will tell you to make sure your assessment process is sustainable. Every single ABET assessment […]