Patsy Brackin

Patsy Brackin

Professor of Mechanical Engineering

Dr. Patricia (Patsy) Brackin is director of Rose-Hulman’s engineering design program. She helped develop the Home for Environmentally Responsible Engineering (HERE) program, a living-learning experience for students interested in sustainability and humanitarian engineering. Dr. Brackin spent 11 years as director of Rose-Hulman’s Operation Catapult program, helping introduce high-school seniors to the wonders of science and engineering. She is an ABET Expert who facilitates trainings for new PEVs, sits on the ABET Board of Delegates and is a commissioner on the Engineering Accreditation Commission (EAC).

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Anticipating Transition: Engineering Criteria Revisions Coming in 2019-20

Harbor DEF

This session will introduce strategies for programs to use in transitioning to EAC's revised criteria in 2019-20 and beyond. We will review a fictitious sample self-study, Upper-State University, used in PEVC training. During this time, you will review the current performance indicators used at Upper-State and map those indicators that support the revised criteria (C3 […]


Introducing Freshmen to Professional Responsibilities using Sustainability Case Studies

Harbor G

Discussion of professional responsibilities is often considered only in the junior or senior years. Using case studies can help freshmen begin to consider professional responsibilities. This session will describe methods for using sustainability case studies to introduce freshmen to social, environmental and economic considerations in engineering practice. Please follow and like us:

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