Ralph Napolitano

Ralph Napolitano

Professor and Associate Chair, Iowa State University

Ralph Napolitano is Professor of Materials Science and Engineering at Iowa State University, where he currently serves as associate chair for graduate education and research and as chair of the Undergraduate Assessment Committee. He has previously held the position of associate director of the Center for Excellence in Learning and Teaching, and has served as the campus lead for online learning. Napolitano is an active researcher in the field of alloy solidification and physical metallurgy and has 20+ years of university teaching experience, including 10+ years of mentoring capstone engineering projects. He has direct experience in the ABET accreditation process.

Assessment of the Capstone Student Experience and Data-Driven Continuous Improvement

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The challenges of implementing a robust and relevant student experience in a capstone engineering course can seem overwhelming — balancing curricular requirements and program objectives with student interests, professional development goals, and the demands of industry sponsors. Effective design and implementation of assessment and evaluation strategies across multiple constituencies can be instrumental in sustaining a […]