Rebecca Popeck

Rebecca Popeck

Survey Project Manager, SPACECO, Inc.

Rebecca Popeck is a licensed Land Surveyor at Rosemont based SPACECO, Inc., a civil engineering, land surveying and consulting firm. Rebecca studied Land Survey Engineering and Civil Engineering at Purdue University’s West Lafayette Campus earning bachelor’s degrees in both disciplines. She has been a licensed Illinois Land Surveyor since 2005. Rebecca has spent almost 20 years performing surveys and providing surveying services in the greater Chicagoland area. Specialties include development work in residential, commercial and industrial sectors with an increased focus on projects within the limits of the City of Chicago. She joined ABET in 2006 as a Program Evaluator supporting her member society of National Society of Professional Surveyors (NSPS). NSPS is a member of three accreditation commissions including: ANSAC, EAC and ETAC. She has had the pleasure of serving as a PEV for both ETAC and ANSAC visits early in her ABET career. In 2014 Rebecca became a commissioner/team chair for the Applied and Natural Science Commission. In 2017 she further progressed through the ranks to join ANSAC’s executive committee. During the 2019-2020 accreditation cycle Rebecca was a team chair for her first international visit to Krishnan Kovil, Tamil Nadu, India.

How to Prepare for Your ABET Site Visit


A team of evaluators visits the program facility where they verify the information in the Self-Study Report and conduct interviews with students, faculty members, administrators and advisory board members. A draft statement is then written based on the team’s experience on this visit. An on-site visit is one of the most important events throughout the […]