Tony Pittarese

Tony Pittarese

Senior Associate Dean, East Tennessee State University

Dr. Tony Pittarese is the Chair of the Department of Computing and Senior Associate Dean of the College of Business and Technology at East Tennessee State University. The Department of Computing consists of three ABET-accredited undergraduate programs: Computer Science, Information Systems and Information Technology. In 2019, the department launched a new undergraduate program in Cybersecurity and Modern Networks. Graduate programs in Applied Computer Science and Information Technology are also offered. Dr. Pittarese is an ABET IDEAL graduate. He has been involved in accreditation activities since 2010, including achieving initial ABET accreditation for one program.

Why Aren’t Our Students Improving? Common Factors Hindering Student Improvement

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Schools often struggle to demonstrate that assessment efforts have resulted in a significant impact on student learning despite ample investment of faculty time and effort, leaving schools wondering why the process isn’t working as it is supposed to and, subsequently, causing them to arrive at a range of negative conclusions about assessment. Frequently, schools are […]