Torey Nalbone

Torey Nalbone

Commissioner, ANSAC

Dr. Nalbone continues his work currently focused around water quality and the assessment of Total Maximum Daily Load levels in East Texas surface waters.  Recently he has added as a component of that evaluation the reduction of endocrine disrupters as they are discharged in treated municipal wastewater. Dr. Nalbone has a strong commitment to teaching and improving engineering education and access to engineering education for under-represented groups. He has extensive experience in human health protection and the occupational environment. He teaches or has taught courses in hydrology, environmental engineering, statics, leadership and professional ethics, air pollution controls and environmental management systems.

Proposed Revisions to Applied & Natural Science Program Criteria

Dallas B

As ABET advances into new areas with accredited programs in biology, physics, mathematics, chemistry and geology, ANSAC has devised protocols for handling requests from programs applying for accreditation in discipline areas that do not yet have program-specific criteria. This session will explain ANSAC processes and review recently approved changes to ANSAC Criteria. We will ask […]


ANSAC Institutional Representative Day Program

Arts District 7

The Institutional Representative Day Program is a workshop that will allow representatives to gain insight into the accreditation process including pre-visit preparation, on-site visit and post-visit activities. This workshop is only for ANSAC institutional representatives whose program(s) or institutions have submitted 2019-20 RFE’s in January 2019. Participation in this workshop is limited to one person […]