Leveraging Best Assessment Practices for Accreditation Review

ABET criteria imply some manner of continuous activities in all the general criteria from students to institutional support. While some of these processes are institutionally and automatically continuous in any academic setting, demonstration of compliance around the Accreditation Policy and Procedure Manual, Criterion 2 (Program Educational Objectives), Criterion 4 (Continuous Improvement), and, by association, Criterion… Read more »

Using the FE Exam for Effective Outcomes Assessment

This session highlights best practices in outcomes assessment using the NCEES Subject Matter Reports to provide participants with information about the strengths and weaknesses of students in a program. The presentation will specifically focus on using the FE results as one tool in assessing the ABET student outcomes. Attend and learn more about how the… Read more »

Effective Teamwork Assessment in Online Courses

With the convenience of online courses, many students are opting for online alternatives to traditional onsite courses. Universities have responded and have provided courses in a variety of formats to meet student needs. Moving courses online, however, posts a challenge to teamwork assessment that is usually done in a synchronous in-person fashion. Teamwork in university… Read more »

ABET Assessment Resources and Education Information Session

Continuous improvement is the heart of the accreditation process. Best practices in the assessment of student learning is central to successfully and continuously improving program processes. Join us to learn more about ABET assessment resources and education to help you improve student learning in your program. You will be able to identify these assessment resources… Read more »