The 2017

ABET Symposium

April 20-21

Baltimore, MD

At the
Marriott Waterfront

700 Aliceanna St. Baltimore, MD 21202

2017 ABET Symposium RFP

Citizen Tech: Technical Programs Reshaping Society

For the first time in history, the number of people living in cities has surpassed the number of those living in rural areas. Lured by career prospects and opportunities for advancement, young professionals are flocking to cities across the planet. But if many cities are experiencing a renaissance and leveraging on this influx of talent and entrepreneurship, this comes with a cost and a new challenge: ensuring that they can provide appropriate living conditions for the overall population. And this means that the students in classrooms today will be those coming up with technologies and solutions to make life in cities safer, more sustainable and more comfortable.

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Sessions at the Symposium fall into four main tracks. Use these overarching themes to budget your time and focus on the topics that are most important to you.

Pre Symposium Workshops

Arrive early and get a head start with Self-Study Report Development Workshops, Program Assessment Workshops, or by participating in our Institutional Representatives Day.

Post Symposium Workshops

Round out your trip to Florida with a 3-hour supplemental workshop or a Program Assessment Workshop.

Discussion Dens

Inspired by the “Fishbowl” conversation model and intended to foster group participation, our Discussion Dens are much more intimate and dynamic discussions than your standard presentation – no slides, no handouts, just a very compelling story to share.

2016 Symposium Speakers and Presenters

Invited Presenters

Invited Presenters

A. Bülent Özgüler

A. Bülent Özgüler received his PhD at the Electrical Engineering Department of the University of Florida, Gainesville in 1982. He was a researcher at the Marmara Research Institute of TÜBİTAK during 1983-1986. He spent one year at the Institut für Dynamische Systeme, Bremen Universität, Germany, on Alexander von Humboldt Scholarship during 1994-1995. He has been with the Electrical and Electronics Engineering Department of Bilkent University, Ankara, since 1986. He was at Bahçeşehir University in 2008-2009 academic year, on leave from Bilkent University. Prof. Özgüler’s recent research interests are in the areas of stability of piecewise linear systems, modeling of swarms and their behavior, and application of system theory to social sciences. He is the author of two books Linear Multichannel Control: A System Matrix Approach, Prentice Hall, 1994 and Fixed Order Controller Design: A Parametric Approach, LAP Lambert Academic Publishing, 2010 (with K. Saadaoui). Professor Özgüler has been a member of MÜDEK (Association for Evaluation and Accreditation of Engineering Programs of Turkey) since 2003. He has served as a MÜDEK team member in twenty evaluation teams, in sixteen of which he was a team chair. He has served as the Vice Chair of the Executive Board of MÜDEK in 2007-2010. He has led the team that carried MÜDEK to Washington Accord Signatory status through 2009-2011. He is presently the vice chair of MAK (Engineering Programs Accreditation Board) of MÜDEK and a member of Turkish Council of Quality in Higher Education.
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Lueny Morell

Lueny Morell, MS, PE, Ing.Paed.IGIP is President of Lueny Morell & Associates and Founder & Director of InnovaHiEd, a world-class team of experts with extensive academic and industry experience offering services to help higher education leaders in transforming their institutions to better respond to their stakeholders’ needs and the socioeconomic development challenges they face. With a BS and MS in Chemical Engineering from the University of Puerto Rico and Stanford University, Lueny is co-founder of NEU, a novel platform to teach engineering in Silicon Valley, California. From 2002 to 2012 she was part of the HP Labs Strategy, Open Innovation and University Relations teams and a full professor of Chemical Engineering at University of Puerto Rico - Mayagüez for 24 years, where she had various academic and administrative positions, including Director of R&D. She is an IEEE Senior Member, an ASEE Fellow and ABET Program Evaluator and has received various awards for her work, including the prestigious US National Academy of Engineering Gordon Prize for innovations in engineering education in 2006. Recognized as one of the Engineering Education Pioneers in the US in 2014, Lueny is passionate about engineering education and innovation as fundamental pillars for economic and social well-being. She is co-founder of IFEES (Past President), GEDC and SPEED. Lueny maintains a blog on topics associated with innovation and engineering education (;
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Baltimore Marriott Waterfront - Baltimore, MD

Located on Baltimore's famed Inner Harbor, the Marriott Waterfront is a short walk, Uber, or Water Taxi ride away from:

Self-Study Reports

Throughout the ABET Symposium you get access to Self-Study Reports that have been chosen by ABET evaluators from the 2016-2017 program reviews.
We select Self-Studies that:
  • Follow the Self-Study Questionnaire Guidelines
  • Address each criterion
  • Avoid extraneous information
  • Effectively use graphs, tables, and charts
  • Leverage appendices
The chosen Self-Study Reports are not necessarily examples of programs that are in full compliance with ABET Criteria. They are meant to be examples of well-crafted Self-Study Report documents.
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