Generative AI for KY Engineering Technology and How to Assess

Large-scale manufacturing has been located in Kentucky, with 4,276 manufacturers employing 289,822 workers. Community and technical colleges and universities in KY have faced challenges recruiting students to their programs in advanced manufacturing. New computer and lean systems engineering technology programs launched at the University of Kentucky, merging training and recruiting from 2-year technical colleges and 4-year universities. New programs are designed based on industry-integrated multi-disciplinary training programs. Curricula integrate generative AI (GenAI) into course student projects to help them increase their efficiencies, improve productivity and enhance learning outcomes. Using GenAI tools, students transform their draft ideas into high-fidelity products to explore their concepts. We examine if GenAI helps students quickly generate project ideas and broaden their thinking. We will also discuss how to develop and assess GenAI-integrated courses for intended outcomes.