The ABET Symposium

Join us for the 2024 ABET Symposium
in Tampa, Florida
April 4-5, 2024

What to Expect

Inspiring Plenaries

Experts from academia, industry and government come together to discuss the leading challenges we face today.

Informative Sessions

Our illuminating sessions cover foundational topics such as accreditation and assessment, as well as new strategies and emerging trends in STEM higher education.

Networking Opportunities

The ABET Symposium will provide you with many opportunities to connect with your peers. We encourage attendees to connect, seek out answers and inspiration and find collaboration opportunities with peers.

A Look Back at 2023

I’ve never been to any professional event that is so on-point, and still a really good time!
You’re engaging all these different parts of your brain — I leave with big takeaways but I also leave with a dozen little takeaways.
I keep coming back to the Symposium every year because people are always so open to help provide the information we need to take back to our programs and implement the type of changes that ABET is about.
You never know what you might find, but even if you’re an old-timer, you’ll always learn something new here!
I’m encouraged that we really are making some positive changes to the STEM profession by the dialogue taking place here at the Symposium.
The networking possibilities at the Symposium are huge. We have many experts from the technical areas, academia, NGOs and industry. There are a lot of connections to make at the event!

Why Tampa?

In recent months the State of Florida has passed laws that negatively impact the progress of diversity, equity, and inclusion across society, including higher education. The passing of these laws has caused many organizations, including ABET, to pause and consider what it stands for, what kind of society it wishes to see flourish and how to respond.

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