Leveraging Best Assessment Practices for Accreditation Review

ABET criteria imply some manner of continuous activities in all the general criteria from students to institutional support. While some of these processes are institutionally and automatically continuous in any academic setting, demonstration of compliance around the Accreditation Policy and Procedure Manual, Criterion 2 (Program Educational Objectives), Criterion 4 (Continuous Improvement), and, by association, Criterion 3 (Student Outcomes) usually ramps up in preparation for an accreditation visit. While accreditation reviews occur periodically, assessment processes conducted continuously and resourcefully can make accreditation preparation easier. This session will offer a perspective on how to leverage assessment practices to efficiently provide the various evidences required in accreditation reviews for each of the four ABET commissions. Included in the presentation will be a discussion of “do this, not that” from the perspective of a program preparing for a review.