Leveraging Best Assessment Practices for Accreditation Review

ABET-accredited programs should theoretically be in compliance with ABET criteria throughout an accreditation cycle. Many aspects of compliance are continuous in any typical academic setting such that an accreditation review team could show up on our doorstep and we’d be ready! However, demonstration of compliance around the Accreditation Policy and Procedure Manual, Criterion 2, Criterion 4, and, by association, Criterion 3, usually accelerates in preparation for an accreditation review. Continuous and resourcefully conducted assessment processes that go beyond mere compliance can streamline preparation for review. This session will offer a perspective on how to leverage best assessment practices to provide the various evidences required in accreditation reviews for each of the four ABET commissions. Included in the presentation will be a discussion of “do this, not that” from the perspective of a program preparing for a review. The specific case for new programs will be addressed.