Providing Culmination of Knowledge Through the Senior Project and Assessment of Student Achievement

The Industrial and Systems Engineering students complete a senior project to demonstrate the application of the program knowledge obtained in their curriculum. For all projects, the students should understand complexity of the problem, have systematic structural understanding of the designed solution and apply the engineering design process to address constraints on design, economics, ergonomics and others. The students acquire the knowledge through background study, and utility of the software and hardware, to apply in any of three areas (product based, system based and process based). The students’ feedback showed that they have difficulty in fully comprehending the concept generation and develop the final design in one semester. In this presentation, the new two-semester structure of the senior design project design, delivery, and assessment (in the first and the second semester), methods for student feedback, and continuous improvement process would also be discussed. Some of the rubric models used for assessing the acquisition and demonstration of knowledge would also be provided. The session is also expected to help the presenter to bring in the feedback to further enhance the delivery and quality of senior project.