The Impact of ABET Accreditation in the Engineering Education of Colombia

Nowadays, 54 engineering programs are accredited in Colombia by the Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET, compared with 6 programs back in 2008, and many are in preparation for their initial review. An increasing interest in pursuing ABET accreditation has been evidenced, mainly due to recognition of the EAC criteria as a source of quality for the engineering education and a catalyst for building global engineering programs. In this presentation, a transformative path will be discussed in terms of the influence of the EAC Criteria in the engineering education of Colombia, such as the implementation of an engineering assessment national community, an Outcome-Based national accreditation system, the effect of ABET-EAC Student Outcomes in curricular changes, the adoption of an innovative culminating major engineering design experiences, new global avenues of collaboration, and the sense of community between programs to share the accreditation value for students and institutions.