Ethical Dimensions of AI: Navigating Inclusive Transformations in Education and the Future of Work

This session will focus on the unique opportunities and ethical considerations presented by artificial intelligence (AI) in reshaping education, social contacts & belonging, and the evolving landscape of future work. In alignment with ABET’s mission and the core values of Inclusivity, Diversity, Equity, and Accessibility (IDEA), the symposium seeks to explore the ethics of AI through interdisciplinary reflection. Distinguished panelists will engage in discussions addressing the dual potential of AI systems to enhance education and learning while also posing risks of perpetuating biases, compounding existing inequalities, and disproportionately affecting marginalized groups within educational systems and the workforce. Emphasizing the crucial role of ethical frameworks in AI application, the session aims to underscore the replication of real-world biases and exclusion, ensuring a positive societal impact and focusing on fairness, inclusivity, and the equitable deployment of technology tools.