Brian Charles

Dr. Brian Charles serves as the head managing instructor for the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s (MIT) cornerstone executive-education course on artificial intelligence (AI) and business strategy, delivered through 2U/edX. He facilitates this and other online courses on disruptive technologies and strategy. Charles also manages teams of the company’s 4,000+ academicians and industry practitioners charged with educating business leaders who choose to maintain and advance their skills through courses offered via the world’s leading educational institutions  In concert with his academic work, Charles founded and heads Silver Lead Technology Advisors, an AI systems-development and -strategy firm that serves commercial, educational and government organizations around the world to help conceive, design and build intelligent, connected systems.

His instructional and academic-management work combined with his practice in the areas of AI development and organizational leadership provide Charles with panoramic insights into the opportunities and challenges confronting leaders in the fifth industrial revolution.

Previously, Charles led business units for Dell, Wipro, Tech Mahindra, Tata Consultancy Services and several tech startups addressing their global clients’ digital transformation needs as various enabling technologies emerged over the past 30 years. Early in his career, Charles created some of the world’s first websites, working in the U.S. high energy physics laboratory system which fostered today’s Internet.

Charles authored “Embracing the Future of Organizational Leadership: Navigating the Era of AI.”  He holds B.A., M.S., MBA and Ph.D. degrees. Charles lives in the Chicago, Illinois area with his wife and family.