Craig A. Kaplan

Dr. Craig A. Kaplan has many years of expertise in the fields of collective intelligence, artificial intelligence (AI), and quantitative modeling.

Kaplan has served as CEO of various technology companies. He is currently CEO and founder of iQ Company, a consulting company focused on Artificial General Intelligence (AGI). He was also the founder and CEO of PredictWallStreet, a data-gathering firm whose clients included NASDAQ, TDAmeritrade, Schwab, and other well-known financial institutions. In 2018, PredictWallStreet powered a fund that ranked in the top 10 of all
market-neutral hedge funds.

His current focus is the development of AGI systems, including the topics of AI safety and ethics. In addition, he produces educational videos via iQ’s production company, iQ Studios, with a mission of raising awareness about AI. He is working to apply AI and collective intelligence to solve challenging problems that affect the planet globally, including the development of super-intelligent systems.

Kaplan’s academic background includes a visiting professorship in computer science at the University of California. He earned both master’s and doctoral degrees from Carnegie Mellon University and co-authored research with the Nobel-Prize-winning economist (and co-inventor of the field of AI), Dr. Herbert A. Simon. Kaplan’s more than 50 publications include a book, research published in scientific journals, a blockchain whitepaper, and 26 patents on AGI and other subjects. He was elected to the scientific research society Sigma Xi and has been an invited speaker and consultant at institutions ranging from the business schools at Harvard and Wharton to international conferences on software and technology.