Kevin Kuck

Kevin Kuck is a dedicated 5th year senior, and soon to be graduate at George Mason University, majoring in mechanical engineering with a minor in photography. He has consistently been named to the Dean’s List in eight of the ten semesters he has attended while maintaining a GPA of 3.76. He is currently serving as President of the student section of The American Society of Mechanical Engineers and as a member of the Mechanical Engineering Student Advisory Board at George Mason University.

Through his education at George Mason, Kuck discovered a passion for diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) topics especially relating to the realm of engineering, and as a result, influenced a self-guided research paper on DEI in generative artificial intelligence. Last October, he had the honor of presenting his research paper titled, Generative Artificial Intelligence: A Double-Edged Sword, at the 2023 World Engineering Education Forum (WEEF) and Global Engineering Dean’s Council (GEDC) conference in Monterrey, Mexico. His paper was later published in IEEE Xplore.

Additionally, during his time at the conference, he befriended the leadership team of the Student Platform for Engineering Education Development (SPEED) and joined the organization’s leadership as webmaster and photographer. He looks forward to aiding the organization’s growth and contributing to their mission to make engineering education more accessible and advocate for student voices to be recognized in engineering dialogue.

Kevin embraces the philosophy that growth and learning come abundantly from failing and believes that if you love to learn, you should also love to fail. Alongside his studies, he follows his creative instincts with photography, allowing him to be a better engineer, as photography often requires thinking outside the box and being creative to get results.