Naguib Attia

Dr. Naguib Attia is a Distinguished Engineer and VP of IBM Global University Programs. He is responsible for setting up IBM academic relations strategy, creating next generation global technical training programs in collaboration with universities and research institutions, and managing the overall award programs budgets. Previously, Dr. Attia was the VP and CTO of IBM Middle East and Africa. He was responsible for inventing and leading technical solutions for MEA as well as leading the Africa Skills Initiative. With over 25 years of industrial, manufacturing, research and academic experience, Dr. Attia has contributed to shaping the development of IBM’s intellectual capital, industry insights, and overall solution portfolio for IBM. His specializations include Cloud, Business Analytics, Security, and Supply Chain optimization.

Dr. Attia has a rich academic background with assignments from Chair, Computer Science Departments of Johnson C. Smith University, Charlotte, NC, The American University in Cairo, Egypt and University of Essex, England. He has actively published several papers in different journals and has presented papers and lectures at many international conferences.

Dr. Attia Naguib was the chair of Aerospace Industry Association (AiA) Technical group, a Senior member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Computer Society (IEEE), member of ChemIT, and other industry organizations.
Dr. Attia holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science from University of Essex, England.