Utilizing Generative AI as Learning Tools in Engineering Education

This design case study delves into freshman engineering students’ utilization of generative technologies in a software engineering course to learn C programming. The design case is a description of a real artifact or experience that has been intentionally designed. In my course, I introduced ChatGPT as a self-regulated learning tool and tasked students with understanding… Read more »

Continuous Improvement in ABET Engineering Technology Accreditation Commission (ETAC) Programs: A Journey to Reaccreditation

The presentation explicates the unique strategies utilized and lessons learned in the attainment of ABET Criterion 4, Continuous Improvement (CI) process in the Engineering Technology (ET) department’s ETAC of ABET accredited programs by involving the constituents. Department faculty, led by the author, successfully implemented a 3-year schedule of assessment and evaluation of Student Outcomes (SO).… Read more »

Accelerating the Development of Program Assessment Processes with AI

This presentation demonstrates the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in developing assessment processes for academic programs. AI offers the potential to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of assessment processes. Through this session, we will discuss the practical applications of AI, including analysis, real- the development of performance indicators and scoring rubrics. Additionally, we will discuss… Read more »

Maximizing the Benefits of Rubrics in Program Assessment

Many programs utilize rubrics in their assessment processes. However, not all rubrics are equally clear or useful for every purpose. This session will explore the development and use of rubrics to efficiently engage faculty, aid in selecting the best type of rubric for a given purpose and best inform meaningful improvement. Topics to be explored… Read more »

Supplemental Materials for Site Visits

This presentation will provide guidance on supplemental materials for programs preparing for an upcoming accreditation visit, whether virtual or in-person. We will review the scope of materials a program needs to provide evidence to show compliance with the relevant criteria as well as options for organizing and providing materials. Our presentation focuses on those aspects… Read more »

Computing Accreditation Commission (CAC) Town Hall

Culminating the 2024 ABET Symposium, each of ABET’s Accreditation Commissions will have an interactive town hall session. After a brief presentation, members of the respective commission’s volunteer leadership and its Adjunct Director(s) will open the floor for accreditation questions and discussions. Symposium attendees may participate in the town hall session of their choice.

We Are Interested in Seeking ABET Accreditation: Are We Ready?

Considering ABET accreditation for the first time? You can’t miss this session! You will gain a firm understanding of the foundational processes and procedures of the ABET accreditation process, what is needed to prepare for the initial accreditation of a program and where to turn for additional information. We will go over the entire process… Read more »

Getting Started with Program Assessment

Are you new to program assessment? Have you volunteered or been assigned the task of leading your program assessment efforts and you need assistance on how to move forward? In this session, the speakers share experiences related to getting started and sustaining program assessment and program continuous improvement processes. The speakers will use a continuous… Read more »