Meeting Outcomes While Making an Impact in the World: Engineering Projects in Community Service (EPICS) Model for Community-Engaged Learning

Opportunities to meet a wide range of learning outcomes that can be challenging to meet in traditional courses may lie within our local and global communities.  Community-engaged learning places students in partnerships with organizations within a community to develop solutions together to meet compelling human and sustainability needs within a broad range of communities.  The… Read more »

Ethical Dimensions of AI: Navigating Inclusive Transformations in Education and the Future of Work

This session will focus on the unique opportunities and ethical considerations presented by artificial intelligence (AI) in reshaping education, social contacts & belonging, and the evolving landscape of future work. In alignment with ABET’s mission and the core values of Inclusivity, Diversity, Equity, and Accessibility (IDEA), the symposium seeks to explore the ethics of AI… Read more »

Embedding DEI: Preparing a Diverse and Inclusive Next Generation Workforce

The general criteria for accrediting engineering programs have evolved to incorporate the principles of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) as related to faculty and the curriculum. This workshop will engage participants in meaningful dialogue to prepare for the new accreditation process. We will explore best and promising practices to develop a blueprint and a roadmap… Read more »

Promoting Gender Equity and Retention in Engineering

The need for diversity in engineering is more than just about equity and fairness; it is also about recognizing the value of diverse thoughts and how they can spur creative and innovative solutions for a complex and ever-changing world. This is also the motivation for ABET student outcome 5: “an ability to function effectively on… Read more »

Engineering for One Planet Workshop: ABET-Aligned Resources to Bring Sustainability into Your Classroom

Are you interested in learning how to integrate sustainability into your engineering curricula while meeting ABET accreditation criterion? Are you looking for sustainability-focused resources and activities? Do you want to know more about the Engineering for One Planet (EOP) Framework? Join us for a hands-on, how-to workshop about utilizing the EOP Framework and three companion… Read more »