Let’s Chat about Chat GPT: Using AI to Enhance Engineering Education

AI can be used as an ally, rather than adversary, and as a tool to empower students. This transformative session will debunk myths surrounding AI in engineering education and showcase its power as a collaborative ally. We will illustrate this with case studies showing how generative AI, when thoughtfully integrated, enhances teaching and learning experiences.… Read more »

Performance Indicators for Use in Program Assessment

Performance indicators are vital educational tools for programs, both in setting course objectives and helping students understand expectations of their learning. As such, performance indicators should be developed carefully and once assessed, the results should be reviewed to determine what actions should be taken to improve student learning. With emerging interest in the importance of… Read more »

A Practical Guide to Creating a Sustainable Program Assessment Process

Developing a sustainable program assessment process is crucial for programs seeking to enhance their long-term impact and deliver quality education. This session outlines key steps for creating an effective assessment framework, including (i) the need for clearly defined student outcomes aligned with the institution’s mission; (ii) active engagement with faculty to ensure their input in… Read more »

Discussion Den: Ask Me Anything – ABET Bridge

In this Ask Me Anything Discussion Den about ABET Bridge, attendees are invited to ask any and all ABET Bridge advising-related questions and our expert will answer them. As part of the ABET Foundation, ABET Bridge provides general and specialized advisory services for programs. Services range from general advising for new program development to focused… Read more »

Accreditation Program Under Applied and Natural Science Accreditation Commission’s (ANSAC) General Criteria

Many programs under the applied sciences have ANSAC approved program criteria including but not limited to: Industrial Hygiene, Safety, Surveying, Facilities Management and Construction Management, while other programs under the natural sciences and mathmatics do not have program criteria. An increasing number of these programs are being considered for accreditation by ANSAC. Learn about the… Read more »

Introducing AI Development Tools in Software Development Courses

With the advance of artificial intelligence technologies, academics must respond appropriately. A recent study showed that 90% of software developers use AI coding development tools. As students enter the workforce, familiarity with AI tools enhances their skill sets. Integrating copilot tools, generative AI and machine learning topics in an information systems curriculum enhances the program.… Read more »

Continuous Improvement is More Than Assessment

From its beginning in 1932, ABET has focused on improvement of engineering education. The explicit expectation that individual programs engage in improvement now appears as a common Criterion 4, continuous improvement, in all four Criteria. Continuous improvement is an ongoing effort to improve based on the belief that a steady stream of improvements diligently executed… Read more »

Discussion Den: Ask Me Anything – Assessment

In this Ask Me Anything Discussion Den about Assessment, attendees are invited to ask any and all assessment-related questions and our experts will answer them. Each Discussion Den brings ABET thought leaders together with Symposium attendees for an informal and enlightening discussion on a specific topic. These are organic conversations. There is no agenda or… Read more »

Promoting Gender Equity and Retention in Engineering

The need for diversity in engineering is more than just about equity and fairness; it is also about recognizing the value of diverse thoughts and how they can spur creative and innovative solutions for a complex and ever-changing world. This is also the motivation for ABET student outcome 5: “an ability to function effectively on… Read more »

Supplemental Materials for Site Visits

This presentation will provide guidance on supplemental materials for programs preparing for an upcoming accreditation visit, whether virtual or in-person. We will review the scope of materials a program needs to provide evidence to show compliance with the relevant criteria as well as options for organizing and providing materials. Our presentation focuses on those aspects… Read more »