Criterion 4: Continuous Improvement Best Practices

This session is designed as a highly interactive, yet informal and relaxed, conversation between ABET Experts and those Symposium attendees wanting to learn more about the assessment, evaluation, and continuous improvement processes associated with Criterion 4. Case studies involving common Criterion 4 misconceptions will be discussed, and previously developed materials on this topic will be… Read more »

ABET Assessment Resources and Education Information Session

Continuous improvement is the heart of the accreditation process. Best practices in the assessment of student learning is central to successfully and continuously improving program processes. Join us to learn more about ABET assessment resources and education to help you improve student learning in your program. You will be able to identify these assessment resources… Read more »

Professional Practice in Computing: Academia, Employers and Lessons from the DEAP

ABET accreditation criteria are developed to assure the public that graduates from ABET-accredited programs have the competence to enter professional practice. In the rapidly-evolving disciplines of computing, the perception persists that graduates are not ready for employment and companies are not realistic in their expectations of these graduates. For the past two years, the NSF-funded… Read more »