Top 10 Tips for Writing Good Self-Study Reports

A program’s Self-Study Report (SSR) provides the accreditation team chair and evaluator their first impression of the program they are reviewing, as well as critical information for the review. Thus, a clear and complete SSR helps ensure a successful review process. To provide a favorable picture of your program, information must be aligned with the… Read more »

Accrediting Natural Science and Mathematics Programs Under ANSAC General Criteria

ABET accreditation has long been the global standard for programs in applied science, computing, engineering and engineering technology. Recently programs in disciplines outside of these four main areas have shown interest in becoming accredited. This presentation will explore accrediting natural science and mathematics programs under ANSAC General Criteria and the value accreditation brings to these… Read more »

We Are Interested in Seeking ABET Accreditation: Are We Ready?

Considering ABET accreditation for the first time? You can’t miss this session! You will gain a firm understanding of the foundational processes and procedures of the ABET accreditation process, what is needed to prepare for the initial accreditation of a program and where to turn for further information. We will go over the entire process… Read more »

EAC Progress Report on Criterion 3/Criterion 5 Transition

The changes in Criterion 3/Criterion 5 are now in effect. This presentation discusses the C3/C5 background, the range of implementations seen during the 2020-21 accreditation cycle and approaches that programs took to demonstrate compliance.

Building Online and Hybrid Degree Programs – Models That Work

Nearly a generation of academic commentators has touted the growth of online programs as a means of enhancing learning productivity, lowering instructional costs and expanding student access. Yet a variety of real and perceived barriers have slowed the successful introduction of these programs — particularly in an all-online format — to technical education. This session… Read more »

Sharing the PEV Perspective

This talk is designed for a prospective PEV who is interested in having as much information as possible on what the job really entails. The speaker has also received feedback that it is useful for representatives of institutions who have never gone through an ABET visit before, as it describes the visit process in detail.… Read more »

How to Prepare for Your ABET Review

A team of evaluators visits the program facility where they verify the information in the Self-Study Report and conduct interviews with students, faculty members, administrators, and advisory board members. A draft statement is then written based on the team’s experience on this visit. A visit is one of the most important events throughout the accreditation… Read more »

Towards a Data-Driven Employer-Academia Partnership for Continual Computing Curricular Change

There is a widening gap between employer-perceived needs for workplace-readiness and academic preparation of computing graduates. To close the gap, many major computing employers — including Amazon, Google, and Microsoft — have entered the education space to offer certificates that are touted to substitute for traditional undergraduate degrees. Simply put, universities are missing the mark,… Read more »

Accreditation Outside the U.S. – Lessons From Visiting Teams

This presentation is for institutions outside the United States and details some do’s and don’ts in hosting visiting ABET accreditation teams. To assure a quality and an effective visit, accreditation teams comply with the conflict of interest policy, the Accreditation Policy and Procedure Manual, and related guidelines and best practices. This visit framework and cultural… Read more »

Criterion 4 Compliance: A Conversation with Programs and Program Evaluators

What are “appropriate, documented” processes? How many data are “enough”? Why can averaging be ineffective? All Symposium attendees, especially those who are either institutional representatives or ABET Program Evaluators, are cordially invited to join members of ABET’s Accreditation Council Training Committee in a conversation addressing some of the questions and misconceptions that arise regarding Criterion… Read more »