Developing Performance Indicators for Program Assessment

Performance indicators are a critically important educational tool for programs, both in setting course objectives and to help students understand expectations of their learning by the time they complete the program. As such, performance indicators should be developed through a consensus among the faculty and once assessed, the results should be reviewed to determine what… Read more »

Using Canvas Outcomes to Facilitate Data Collection of Performance Indicators

One of the struggles of an assessment coordinator is consistently collecting data from instructors. If your institution uses the Canvas learning management system, you can leverage grading rubrics to get direct assessment of performance indicators with no additional steps on the part of faculty. During this session, you will learn how to: Translate existing performance… Read more »

Engaging Faculty in Program Assessment

Sustainable program assessment and continuous quality improvement is a human process. Faculty are critical for success as they define student outcomes, assess student learning, evaluate data, design and implement changes, and assess impact. Unfortunately, many programs struggle to maintain sustainable assessment processes because faculty are not involved consistently or systematically. This is hardly surprising as… Read more »

Building on the New ABET Outcomes to Recharge Your Assessment Processes

ABET-accredited programs are well into the transition to the new ABET outcomes. In this context, this presentation will address how to fix common mistakes made in compliance with ABET criteria as regards continuous improvement and will offer suggestions on gentle renovations that can be made to provide meaningful information about student learning. Use of social… Read more »

Understanding the Use of Rubrics in Program Assessment

The use of rubrics is common in program assessment. However, not all rubrics are equal in clarity and usefulness. This session will explore ways to develop and use rubrics that will engage faculty in efficient ways and drive meaningful improvement. Topics to be explored are types of rubrics, scoring variations and faculty engagement. Examples of… Read more »

Using the FE Exam for Effective Outcomes Assessment

This session highlights best practices in outcomes assessment using the NCEES Subject Matter Reports to provide participants with information about the strengths and weaknesses of students in a program. The presentation will specifically focus on using the FE results as one tool in assessing the ABET student outcomes. Attend and learn more about how the… Read more »